Terms And Conditions

LMS Health and Safety Training and Consultancy.
'The Client' Any Companies/persons seeking to secure places on courses or attain consultancy work.
The Terms & Conditions constitute the contract between the LMS Health and Safety Training and
Consultancy with the Client.

Bookings are accepted by telephone and/or email.
Any provisional bookings are held for 5 working days after this the date is released.
Once a booking is confirmed a conformation document will be sent out for signing.
Once signed and returned the date will be held.

LMS Health and Safety Training and Consultancy reserves the right to change the designated venue or
trainer/consultant, with prior agreement with the client.
LMS Health and Safety Training and Consultancy will endeavour to run a booked courses, however if
there are insufficient numbers a course may have to be rescheduled, the client would always be advised
of this with 3 days of the course date. In the event of this happening the client has the option to rebook or
have the paid monies returned.

Client Cancellation Terms
Up to 10 working days prior all fees will be refunded.
Up to 5 working days prior, a charge of 50% will be payable.
After 5 working days, full fees will be required; discretionary if re book is made.

We are unable to accept postponements within 5 working days of course commencement, full
cancellation terms will apply.

Limitations of Liability
Under no circumstances shall the company be held responsible for any harmful act or default
by its servants or agents unless such actual default is reasonably foreseeable and avoidable by
the exercise of due care on behalf of the company as its employer; nor in any event shall the
Company be held responsible for any loss sustained by the client or its nominees due to
burglary, theft, fire or any other cause except in so far as such loss is solely attributable to
negligence of the Company's servants or agents acting within the course of their employment.

All course details are correct at time of booking; however, changes may occasionally be necessary, due
to circumstances beyond our control.

Views and opinions given by the trainers and/or Consultants are their own. LMS does not take liability for
any view/opinions given within their training delivery or consultancy.

Public Liability insurance is held by all trainers and consults at LMS Health and Safety Training and

Conditions of Booking
The Client accepts responsibility for the behaviour of its delegates in full and undertakes to indemnify the
Company against damages and/or personal injury caused to its servants, agents or property as a result of
the actions or defaults of its nominees whilst on the training premises.

All events are held in suitable venues for the course type. Full venue details are included on the booking

Delegate information
Delegates are required to bring their own food and drink unless specified on the booking form.
Delegates requiring accommodation are responsible for their own arrangements, unless otherwise agreed
in writing.

Delegates are required to arrive 15 minutes prior to the course start time to allow for a prompt start.
Delegates that fail to attendee will be charged for.

Replacement delegates can be sent. Any delegate that turns up more than 15 minutes after the course
start time will be refused entry to the course and the client will still be charged.

Delegates are on a training course to gain knowledge and have a learning experience, as part of this the
trainer will request that all delegates have their mobile phones on silent and out of sight, only by prior
agreement between the delegate and trainer can a delegate have their mobile phone on.

Stationary will be provided, if a delegate attends without any.

Consultancy advice
LMS Health and Safety Training and Consultancy takes no liability for any advice given being carried out
by the client, the responsibility for the action is solely down to the client.